Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A high class Dominatrix is forced to fight to preserve her precious virginity from her scheming deceased mother and an alluring mythological man-creature. AreaBay Productions presents an erotic play entitled: “Elizabeth’s Precious Kitty”. “Elizabeth’s Precious Kitty” is a sensual and highly stimulating erotic, fantasy, and farcical play that promises to shock and titillate the audience’s attention and open up a sexy, voyeuristic inside view of a middle age virgin Dominatrix under stress from forces trying to take her most precious thing away: her precious kitty. The play definitely stretches the imagination and artistically merges taboo language and views of sexual reality rarely seen in the theater world. Elizabeth’s reputation and skills are well known and in great demand to her male “slave” clients who pay the high fees for her exclusive services. Not only is she the most sought after Dominatrix in the business, but she is fearless, self confident, and fierce in protection of that reputation. She’s become very comfortable in her lifestyle and fears no man. She has her “shit” together and is master of her sexual universe. Everything is fine with the world until…her most secret and most private fears are confronted and pursued. One day after servicing one of her regular clients, she finds herself trapped in her apartment by a disapproving and harassing deceased mother and the most hideous yet sexiest male-creature named Panner. Involuntarily, Elizabeth is faced with a realization of her “biological clock” quickly running out and also that fact that though she is a master of a hushed and quiet segment of the sex industry, she has never felt nor needed nor wanted the physical touch of a man. She finds herself fighting both the pressure of her mother begging her to continue the family bloodline by having intercourse with a man, but also having to deal with this hideous man-creature and his strange desires and demands for her exclusive services. Elizabeth fights the dark forces of fantasy and mythology alone. But who wins this battle for her “precious kitty”? Come travel with me to the dark side of the D.C. Black Theatre Festival. My new play is performed on Saturday night, June 29th at the Sweet Spot, 2020 Shannon Place S.E., Washington, D.C.