The Bountiful Bonanza of Art.

This blogging stuff is sort of contagious. Not only do I get to vent and pontificate about things, I don't have anyone who can censure or delete my postings. I was just thinking that one of my secret desires as an artist is to have four (4) different play productions of my creations to be performed in the same city at the same time. Ha...good luck, dreamer! Are you out yah mind? Do you have any common sense? I mean it's difficult enough to just get one (1) play done in any time in any city in any one decade if you're a black playwright. :)

But something strange has happened to me recently. I haven't been blessed to have the realization of that fantasy yet, but I just realized that I have four different plays being read or performed in three different cities in a three month period. And on top of that I'm almost sure to have another play read in Stamford, Connecticut in the spring of 2008!

They say that before a Sun burns out it becomes a Super Nova, burning up vast amounts of energy; illuminating great brilliance of light, and then sputtering out forever. No, let me stop these negative energy thoughts that started out in this blog. :)

I'm still amazed at the sudden attention my writing has suddenly gotten. Here's a summary of how they have worked out:
(1) June 23rd, The Essential Theater in Washington, D.C. staged a reading of "King Willie".
(2) June 30th
The New Federal Theater is hosting a reading of "Is you is or Is you Ain't" at Abrams Center.
(3) July 20th,
AAPEX will host a reading of "Yesterday Came Too Soon" (The Dorothy Dandridge Story) in Atlanta, Georgia.
August 15th, 17th, and 18th The Manhattan Repertory Theater is hosting a performance of "Miss Laura Maye of Harlem" as part of the Summerfest.
(5) March, 2008,
a tentative production of "Last Dance of the Panther Women" at the Prometheus Fire Theater in Stamford, Ct.

Phewwww! If only they were all full productions. Oh well I guess I can't be too greedy. And it all comes at a time that I'm thinking of relocating to the good old new south in Atlanta, GA.


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