Hey, I'm on a damn roll and don't know why. I'm looking back on the last sixty days and realized that I finished a whole lot of stuff. I wrote a brand new play "Ascension of Marie Laveau", the Voodoo Queen Priestess of New Orleans who died in 1881(researched it for two weeks)and completed the first draft in three weeks. Three weeks!? Shit, it takes me usually three years before I complete a first draft of a play. Then I got some inspiration from a couple of fearless actresses I know to finish a play that I hadn't looked at in 8 years "Elizabeth's Precious Kitty"! Yes, let your imagination guess what that was about. LOL! I finished the 2nd Act and thereby finished the entire play. It's not my usual family oriented stuff...LOL!...more like I was channeling a writer friend of mine, Owa, type of filthy, sexual, innuendo-laced, absurdness stuff. LOL! God only knows if I'll ever get a producer to mount a play about a virgin female dominatrix going through the change of life while being hounded and haunted by her deceased mother and being pursued by a sex-freak man that sports two nubs on his forehead, hairy lower body, and two hove feet calling himself Panner. LOL! What in the hell was I thinking about when I wrote that?! Anyway, I may have found my fearless exhibitionist actress to pull this off. What's hard about wanting to be on stage almost naked with stiletto boots, sex toys, and a big fucking whip. LOL! Wow what an image that would make to an audience full of men with their damn tongues hanging to the floor. In a future audition notices I could ask for a female willing and able to whip a man's ass live on stage every night. Think I could find someone to do that? Hmmmm? LOL! Anyway, look for it this January at the The Times Square International Theatre Festival (TSITF) January 16-22, 2013 at the Roy Arias Studios & Theatres (300 W 43rd St, New York City). On and I just finished a Spec Script / Pilot show for a new television series about Hip Hop and Rap (I hate Rap) and a treatment too. Hopefully the young man I wrote it for will sell it and I'll have some money in my pocket for fucking once. LOL. Then I got the rights to develop a documentary about the Baltimore couple who had the audacity to have a mixed baby in 1957 and was prosecuted by a Maryland law that had been on the books for 247 damn years. I want to call it "Baltimore Flavor". Got a good partner to work with and we're on the way to getting funding to bring it to life. I have been so damn busy that I almost didn't realize I'd almost become a damn hermit. Okay, so did I cover it all? No! I forgot I have to finish the second draft of an adaptation I'm making from an old Vietnam play of mine about Long Bien Jail...the most explosive race riot to ever happen in a war zone. Then when I finish that (I'm being hounded to get it to them by Monday) LOL! Then when I finish that I can really start working on the newest of my play ideas. It'll be a one-woman show about Dorothy Dandridge's only sister Vivian Dandridge and will be performed by Vivian's beautiful and talented Granddaughter, Neyo Wallace. Okay so that's more than enough information to be putting out into the universe for now. Plus I think I have an audience of ONE who reads my blog anyway. I guess I shouldn't take two and three years in between putting up new posts. By like they say with aged wine... Leave it the hell alone until it's ready to taste good. LOL.


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