Black book of black monologues

Time for another blog; about two years late.  But who cares but me.  LOL!  I have finally published my first book and it's a book of black monologues from fifteen of the plays I've written.  Knowing that there is a definite need for a book such as this, I'm hoping that enough people hear of it and buy it.  Funny though, I'm suddenly faced with being at a dilemma:  should I return to concentrating on writing prose (novels, short stories, screenplays) as my main focus?  In my play writing career I've accomplished completing over 30 full lengths plays and a number of short plays as well. Just the process of putting my book of monologues together as reawaken my prose muse and he's raging to get out and finish the two novels I've actually worked on for over 30 years.  Damn, that's a long time.  Anyway, Amazon Books published my collection as of yesterday entitled: Black Voices from the Underground.  Hope it gets out in circulation because I know I'm filling a need that is not addressed in Samuel French or any other book store that offers theatrical works.  But we shall see if I'll be disappointed again.


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