Publishing and Political Theatre. What is Political Propaganda.

A quick note for my blog.  Five days in 2018 and I'm up to 10 printed books and 2 color editions of books.  Still pushing to finish Book Two of my horror novel in a week or so.  Published: "King Willie" last month.  Getting a lot of attention on my Urban Revolutions book of two black revolutionary plays:  "Last Dance of the Panther Women" and "6221 Osage Avenue".  Have to do an analytical review of the politics of "Last Dance" and why someone told me once it was political propaganda and I was insulted.  Propaganda...I write drama not propaganda.  Now many years later, I realize that he was correct, but not in an insulting way.  The plays are definitely political, but the propaganda angle is a little extreme.  My next blog will go more into detail of especially "Last Dance" in that it is the only play that producers were scared off of performing even after it was cast and in rehearsal.  Fear of the misunderstanding of the concept of the piece and the intentions of the theme and plot  Anyway, I'll get more detail and extensive with the next blog post.  All my books can be found on Amazon Books as well as Kindle.


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