The Beat goes on.

Damn! Another play selected for a festival...I guess I'm not just fading away this year as is expected. :) I'm excited about this upcoming reading because like me this 104 year old woman just won't fade into oblivion. Two times this year it was selected for prestigious theater festivals and two times it didn't happen for one reason or another, but African American Playwrights Exchange took care of me once again. Thanks Jaz.

I'm pasting the flier and I don't know what it'll look like on this blog, but I'm not perfect. Also again thanks to AAPEX, I got a tip about the Black/White playwrights festival in Pittsburg looking for short pieces. I sent Mr. Ding Dong Daddy (it ain't what it sounds like) to them and it will be presented next month. So I guess I'll make that trip to Pittsburgh, a city I've never visited, next month.

Life as a Lemon

& Jammit Productions

In association with
African American Playwrights Exchange


“Ms. Laura Mae of Harlem

The play chronicles the exuberate life and death of Ms. Laura Mae who lived in Harlem for over 100 years. Through music and deep reflection the audience is transported in time following the thrilling journey of this extraordinary figure. Fun loving and sentimental, it reaches out and touches us all.

Directed By Esther M. Triggs v Written By Jamal Williams

7:00 PM

September 17, 2007

The Manhattan Plaza, Ellington Room

Located at 43rd & 9th Ave in New York

Admission is Free with Refreshments to be served.

An AEA Approved Staged Reading

For more information, please contact


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