I wanted to share with anybody who is still reading my blog outside of myself some of the rehearsal pictures of my play, "Miss Laura Maye of Harlem". The Reading that was done on Monday, Sept 17th at the Ellington Room in Manhattan and it was spectacular!!! Almost 100 folks sat down for an hour and a half to hear my fabulous actors do their thing. I of course did the sound cues with my little boom box. :) It was heartening to get thank you emails from the actors. I really appreciate it. And it just goes to show that money isn't always the most important thing with these artsy things. There were many union actors here and they got great returns for bringing my play to life. They got a standing ovation, gratitude from the producers and playwright, and they got refreshments on top of it. They also got some connections from the many writers and producers in the room who always look for great acting.

I was very happy with it. Now let's see if someone will pick it up and do it the way it should be done.


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